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Jack T Wolf LLC Executive Search & Career Expert, Globally Helping Executives manage their worth

Welcome  to Jack T Wolf, LL C – a different kind of media consulting firm.   Why?  We are here for media companies and the executives who work for them.  While media is our specialty, we work with all who are looking to advance their careers.  Jack T Wolf LLC is proud to be a managing partner of Career Marketing Group. Career Marketing Group can help you promote your professional brand by creating compelling 

marketing tools tailored to your individual objectives. Plus, we’ll teach you how to leverage social media

to identify lucrative job opportunities and increase your odds of achieving career-changing success.

Step 1 – Launch Your Toolbox Tune-Up Work with one of our experienced career

specialists to prioritize your personal and professional objectives, discuss how to market

your expertise and skills in the digital search process, and determine what career marketing

tools will be the most effective for you.

Step 2 – Create Custom Marketing Tools Compelling career collateral is then

developed to promote your professional brand, including CVs and resumes that demand

attention, versatile cover letters and follow-up emails, work samples that effectively

showcase your expertise, and social media profiles that add synergy to your search.

Step 3 – Social Media Training Tailored to Your Needs Our expertise in digital search

strategies will help you leverage the Web to expand your marketability across multiple

industries, quickly build your business network, generate qualified responses from hiring

managers, and uncover career opportunities that are not advertised on digital job sites.

Step 4 – Implement Your Search Strategy Now you’re ready to meet with your advisor

to put your new career plan into action, creating an implementation strategy with specific

short and long-term goals, as well as a time-line with achievable benchmarks for success.


Carl  is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 45 years of success  spanning TV & Radio, Media, and Branding. Leveraging extensive  experience managing growth and turnarounds, Carl is an invaluable asset  for a company encountering a period of stagnant or declining revenue and  is seeking operational transformations and process improvements to  reduce costs and drive sales as well as profitability. His areas of  expertise include new business development, marketing, consulting,  talent development, market research, strategic planning, branding,  strategic market positioning, and customer relationship management.  

Throughout  his executive career, Carl has held leadership positions with Jack T  Wolf LLC, Kantar Media Intelligence, Arbitron, and CBS Radio. He has  been responsible for providing services as it relates to media, sales,  research, marketing, and promotions to companies across the Broadcast,  Print, Outdoor, and Digital industries including Twitter, Lyft, MRP  Advisors, Coda Research, The List, Everwise, Coleman Research, GLP  Research, and Doug Stephan Media. He has also led media sales and agency  advertiser sales teams with more than $50M in revenue, he has developed  and managed budgets and was accountable for bottom line, and he has  proven his ability to consistently delivery YoY growth.

Carl  obtained his BS in Journalism from Ohio University, and he is a  graduate of both the CBS School of Management and the Kantar Maestro  Management Program. In addition to his executive career, Carl is  actively involved in his community and held  multiple Committee roles  with the City of Highland Village in Texas including the Planning &  Zoning Commission; Ways & Means Committee; Community TV Committee;  and the Covenants Committee of Highland Shores Home Owners Association.